Fidelis Amo-Antwi, aka Pap C, aka Bursty Burst and currently resurrected as Amo Jr, is a songwriter, guitar player, performer, living in Hamburg, Germany.

Growing up in the ”Garden City” of Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana during J. Rawlings' 'tightened grip' and turbulent reign, his father fled to Germany and was granted political asylum there in 1988. The rest of the Antwi family reunited with their father in Northeim five years later on a sun to snow, late November day, in ’88.

Amo’s first introduction and interest in music were ignited by "Highlife" in Ghana.

In Germany, he was confronted with and embraced Indie, early 90’s Hip Hop, Soul&Funk, among other styles. Particular faves were diverse including R.E.M, Wyclef Jean, Elliot Smith, Bill Withers & Curtis Mayfield...

During the formative years in Northeim, he began “secretly” to write songs after learning 3 chords on the guitar, which he now possessed! Both his sisters played a large part in encouraging him to present his music, in front of an audience.

A few years later in his mid-twenties, he began to show his songs to friends and more positive encouragement ensued which made him think more about doing some shows in local pubs and clubs. Around 2004/2005 and over the next few years, Amo Jr. found himself being drawn more and more into the music business and he gigged under the moniker, of Bursty Burst as a solo artist and later with a band, earning a good response from audiences! During the next 2 years he worked with Y’akoto and Sammy Deluxe as project collaborator. After a 5 year withdrawal from his musical endeavours to pursue an academic path, Amo Jr., has now returned to making music.

During a recent Interview Amo Jr. had this to say:

Q. What inspires you to write music?

A. Well! I write mostly from personal experience as most people do and in response to significant events that happen in life.

Q. What is your subject matter? What do you write about?

A. Topics are various, identity, family, life, death, home and love.

Q. All the major issues?

A. Yes!

Q. What were the circumstances that led to the recording of your latest EP ”Home”?

A. Well I started writing material for "Home" in Hamburg in 2005. By this time I had met a lot of musicians and friends who’d been playing over the years and some of them were invited to collaborate and contribute to the recording sessions, after careful selection of songs, which were destined for the EP.

Q. Good luck with the EP.

A. Thank you!